How to load data into table from csv,json,tsv,xlsx file in oracle apex.

It is very easy to load data from csv,json,tsv,xlsx file to database table using apex_data_parser API.

select line_number, col001, col002, col003, col004, col005, 
                    col006, col007, col008, col009, col010
                    -- more columns (col011 to col300) can be selected here.from apex_application_temp_files f, 
       table( apex_data_parser.parse(
                  p_content                     => f.blob_content,
                  p_add_headers_row             => 'Y',
                  p_max_rows                    => 5,
                  p_skip_rows                   => 2,
                  p_csv_col_delimiter           => ';',
                  p_store_profile_to_collection => 'FILE_PARSER_COLLECTION',
                  p_file_name                   => f.filename ) ) p
 where = :PX_FILE

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